Samir Damle

Sr. Director of User Experience Design
Euromoney (WealthEngine)
I simplify things and make them interesting.
I am a Product/UX Designer, Usability Engineer, Developer and a budding Data Scientist.
Over 20 years, I have designed web and mobile experiences of Enterprise SaaS applications with specialization in design strategy, innovative interactions and data visualization.
My strongest suits are long-term holistic thinking, simple designs and mentoring the team.


Long-Term Strategy

  • Design Thinking
  • Systems Design
  • Versatility & Reusability

8x Productivity

  • 2x Speed of iteration
  • 2x Creativity and skills
  • 2x Quality of work

Strong Team Building

  • Continuous learning
  • Active mentoring
  • Encouragement and trust



Euromoney WealthEngine
Oct 2018 - May 2021
As the Sr. Director of UX Design, I lead, manage and mentor a team of designers and developers to deliver the complete user experience of WealthEngine's prospecting platform.

Following UCD, my team and I gather and analyze user needs, design for usability, build prototypes and test with end users via continuous iteration.

WealthEngine (acquired by Euromoney) is a Wealth Intelligence platform with data of over 250 million Americans. It is used by major nonprofits and businesses to find their next best donors and customers using ML-based models.
Strategized, planned and executed the complete transformation of an outdated AngularJS app into a new, elegant and easy to use app using React framework in record time
Created design standards based on contemporary Flat UI and Material Design style and documented a style guide for the platform
Conducted stakeholder interviews to gather user needs, prioritized features, performed heuristic analysis and architected the app using card sorting
Hired and built a team of designers and developers offshore and mentored them to deliver an elegant UX of the platform
Conceptualized and prototyped an NLP based search engine for segmenting the wealth data by converting human intents into machine readable queries
Built a library of robust, reusable React components that saved months of development work and delivered pixel-perfect execution of the designs
Delivered an intuitive BI experience for a complex data cube with 160 filters with chart and map views
Designed, developed and delivered a mobile app (iOS and Android) in just 2 months using cross-platform libraries
Designed 20+ custom data visualizations including the WealthSignal, a proprietary chart that shows 21 wealth scores in one shot
WealthEngine wheel strategy
Card sorting
WealthEngine mobile app
Feb 2015 - Oct 2018
As the Sr. Director of UX Design, I was responsible for all research and design activities of Clarabridge to deliver a stellar user experience for their SaaS analytics platform.

Based on user needs of the Customer Experience (CX) market, I created, tested and developed numerous reusable interactive charts and components that would simplify the analytics generated from customer feedback and call center data.

Clarabridge is the industry leader in NLP based text and voice analytics for Customer Experience Management.
Designed CX Studio, an analytics dashboard based web app that presents sentiment analysis. Users can slice and dice insights, know root cause and take actions.
Delivered a universal Style Guide defining UI standards and theme across all applications
Created original 4D framework for effective data visualization -
Do, Dig, Decide and Discover.
Created 20+ interactive data visualizations to convey KPIs, root causes, relationships, drill downs, predictions and summaries.
Designed and prototyped mobile apps for executives and chat based surveys as well as a kiosk app for on-site feedback.
Completed specialization in Machine Learning from University of Washington on Coursera
Completed specialization in Deep Learning from Coursera
WealthEngine wheel strategy
Card sorting
WealthEngine mobile app

Feb 2013 - Jan 2015
Orchestro Orchestro
As Manager of UX Design, I was in charge of the total user experience of Orchestro's SaaS applications.

I researched user needs for supply chain and designed, developed and delivered the user experience of Orchestro's web and mobile applications.

Orchestro (acquired by E2open) is a supply chain analytics company focused on on-shelf availability of consumer goods.
Using Angular, I prototyped innovative and interactive data visualizations for displaying regression analysis and store clustering.
Conceptualized and built a hybrid mobile app that used Google Maps and Node.js for reviewing in-store stocks of products.
Proactively proposed, designed and prototyped a unique BI tool for visualizing analysis and drilling down using pivots.
Designed interactive BI reports for supply chain KPIs using MicroStrategy Mobile.
Created UI style standards and a library of 30+ patterns and components.
BI slicer and dicer
iPad app
Sep 2012 - Feb 2013 - Director of UX Design at Naaya (edu. startup)
Designed and managed the user experience of Naaya's game-based social learning products for elementary school kids.
Worked on character design, game mechanics and social interactions.
Jan 2008 - Aug 2012 - Sr. UX Designer at Infor (previously Approva), Reston, VA
Designed and implemented the UX of risk and compliance management apps.
Practiced UCD through user interviews, card sorting, prototyping and user testing.
Managed and mentored a team of designers and front-end developers to deliver simple, usable experiences.
Jan 2000 - Jan 2008 - UX Designer at various companies including Possible, Los Angeles and Capgemini, Chicago, IL
Designed UX for websites of ABC7 News, Nokia and T-mobile
Conceptualized and prototyped a social network of T-mobile customers.
Conducted user research for HSBC via contextual inquiry of service agents and heuristic analysis.
Managed a team of 13 designers and developers to deliver a project for Erie Insurance.


Bachelor of Architecture

Visveswaraya NIT
Nagpur, India

Master of Industrial Design

Indian Institute of Technology
Bombay, India

Specialization in
Machine Learning

Univ. of Washington (Coursera)

Specialization in
Deep Learning (Coursera)


Open Source
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“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” - Alan Kay


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“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” - Alan Kay